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Vacuum Storage Bags

Get your space back

Vacuum storage bags by KoalaReef offer large vacuum sealer packaging for your clothes with 3x space saver and anti odor insects and dirt with an extra travel packing sealed compression bag. Get Your Space Back!

Vacuum Storage Bag

  • Want to get 3X more space in your closet 
  • Tired of force-pushing clothes inside your drawers? 
  • Not sure what to do with bulky bed linen you only use winter? 
  • Hate the smell of clothes that have been stored for a season? 
  • Mad that insects have destroyed you favorite jacket? 
  • Tired of Vacuum bags that do not hold their Vacuum?

Introducing the super space saver vacuum bags- Save 3X more space in your closet and drawers 

  • Transform bulky clothes into flat pieces you can store 
  • Compatible with all regular vacuum cleaners 
  • The lock is 100% sealed and will keep your vacuum and flat volume 
  • Anti-odor, Anti-insects, Anti-dirt 
  • Air-tight and Water-tight 
  • Easy to use - Fill, Lock, Pump


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Vacuum Storage Bag
Vacuum Storage Bag
Vacuum Storage Bag
Vacuum Storage Bag

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